Halloween Witches Brew and Other Spooky Concoctions |DIY

Easy DIY Halloween decorations with FREE printables

Just in time for Halloween a simple DIY project that will set the scene in your apartment for a for a spook-tacular holiday!  You can download free Printable bottle labels here- potions  Then gather glass bottles and jars in varying sizes, clean them and remove labels, paint them black and apply new labels.

Soaking bottles in hot soapy water (the lazy way to clean) remove the labels, rinse the bottles and  dry toughly.

Spray with black paint, I used a can of black spray paint that I had on hand nothing fancy, it was the least expensive one that they carried at my local Home Depot.  It took about three very light coats of paint,  I sprayed the lids too.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions including using in a well ventilated area.

I had some fun designing some spooky Halloween Labels, you can download them here.


Cut out the labels to the desired size and shape, scale the picture up or down if needed.

Using mod podge or Elmer’s glue, attach the label to the bottle.  I watered my glue down about 1 part glue to 1 part water and used a paintbrush to apply a thin coat of glue onto the back of the cut out label and pressed it on to the bottle, then I smoothed out the label with a clean cloth and checked to make sure the label was still in the correct position while it is was wet enough to adjust.


That’s it- All done, How easy was that?  I added a couple of squeaky rats that I picked up at the dollar store to finish off the Spooky scene.

Check back later, I have a few more spook-tacular ideas that I’m working on that might be just what you are looking for to decorate your apartment for Halloween!


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  1. Nice and easy idea, thank you 🙂

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