Renting With Roommates

With housing prices on the rise, more and more people are turning to living with roommates to help combat the high price of apartments in the Puget Sound.  Although great on the pocketbook living with roommates can present its own set of challenges.  Learn how to effectively deal with many of the in this great article by Meredith Lepore.

6 Annoying Roommates You Will Encounter and How to Deal With Them ~ Levo League.


Having expectations and obligations laid out ahead of time can help you avoid future problems. provides the following advice as well as  a great sample roommate agreement that you can adapt to fit your needs.

Before you move in, sit down with your roommates and discuss major issues, such as:

Rent.   What is everyone\’s share? Who will write the rent check if the landlord will accept only one check?
Space.   Who will occupy which bedrooms?
Household chores.   Who\’s responsible for cleaning, and on what schedule?
Food sharing.   Will food, shopping, and cooking responsibilities be shared? How will you split the costs and work?
Noise.   When should stereos or TVs be turned off or down low?
Overnight guests.   Is it okay for boyfriends/girlfriends to stay over every night?
Moving out.   If one of you decides to move, how much notice must be given? Must the departing tenant find an acceptable substitute?

via Roommate Agreements |

Or if you’re going all out, consider using Sheldon’s roommate agreement from The Big Bang Theory 🙂

The Roommate Agreement – The Big Bang Theory Wiki.


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