Resident Retention Starts with Appreciating Your Residents

It’s a simple fact that without our residents we would not have a job, so it makes great sense to go out of our way to show our residents that we appreciate them and the choice that they made to live in your community.

Improve your resident retention by valuing your residents

When my Kids were in kindergarten the teacher posted pictures of all of the children outside of the class room at the beginning of the school year.  Each day as I stood in the hallway waiting for class to be dismissed I would study the pictures teaching myself each childs name.  To this day I still remember them (and I am horrible with names)  I think this is such a great idea, being able to greet your residents by name and ask about things that are important to them helps build a bond and shows that you care.  When it comes time to renew the lease the fact that you care will speak volumes.  People rent for people they like and feel connected to.


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