Moving Made Easy | Fast or Slow?

Weather you prefer the way of the tortoise or the hare getting some things done before you more will help you concentrate on packing and unpacking when moving day rolls around.  #moving made easy Is your style fast or slow

The jury seems to be out on the best way to unpack, fast or slow.  If you opt for fast, try putting all the boxes in the middle of the room (so that you are forced to walk around them) or invite company over the evening after the move so you are forced to work quickly.  If you opt for slow, schedule one room a night, by the end of the week you will be done without getting overwhelmed.  Either way it is always a good idea to be organized and plan ahead.  Doing things like connecting utilities and changing your address ahead of time means you can concentrate on actually packing and unpacking on the day (week) of the move.


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