Housewarming Gift |Tutorial and Printable

Paper Towels, Toilet Paper and Soap

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and Soap from the Dollar Store

It’s hard to get much more useful than these items when you first walk into your new home.

Welcome Home Gift Enjoy Your New Nest | EasyWayApartments

I made this incredibly inexpensive, extremely easy and very useful housewarming gift from three items  purchased from the dollar store. At $3.00 it’s hard to beat the price but even more important, the recipient will be ever so grateful when they reach their new home and a few of the much needed basics are right there on the counter and not in one of those MANY boxes!

Here’s who to make it pretty…

Welcome Home soap tutorial

Make a print out of the wrapping paper, download it and the card here Welcome Home Gift Enjoy Your New Nest

  1. Cut paper in half
  2. wrap like a present (for the Palmolive soap I used, to center the ‘welcome home’ frame I took the edge of the paper nearly all the way to the edge of the box.  Check placement before creasing, tape back seam
  3. Turn over to check vertical placement and assure the frame is centered
  4. Crease side seams and secure with tape
  5. All done!

Wrap Paper Towels in a piece of tissue paper and fold the ends of the paper into the center of the cardboard tube.

Welcome Home Paper Towels

Cut a second piece of tissue paper in half and do the same thing with two toilet paper rolls.

blog 013

Stack toilet paper on top of paper towels (secure with small pieces of double sided tape) and fasten with ribbon

blog 017

Curl ribbon and attach the bar of soap to the top of the package

#Housewarming #Gift | blog 020

That’s it – All done!

#Housewarming #Gift You can’t beat this easy inexpensive and VERY useful #move in gift for  $3.00!


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  1. I love this!! It’s so practical. Where do I find the Free printable?

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