With summer right around the corner it’s time to get SERIOUS about child’s play!

Weather you are a parent, apartment manager, baby sitter, or just bucking for the title greatest Aunt/Uncle in the world…. Summer is oh so much more enjoyable when the ‘kids’ think you are awesome!  After many years of trial and error on all accounts I’m happy to share a bit of what I have learned.

Almost all kids LOVE to HELP!  Really… They do.  The trick is to pick the right activity and the right rewards.  As an onsite manager I was having a ton of trouble keeping the kids out of the flowerbed one summer until I bought a flat of  flowers and asked the kids to plant them.  Admittedly, they didn’t all end up where I wanted them but boy were they ever proud and protective of their flowers, and mine too.

sidewalk chalk competition

Kids, just like their grown up counterparts get into less trouble when they are busy!  Keep a few tricks up your sleeve so that you can keep children productively entertained.  Bubbles and sidewalk chalk are  both all time favorites.  Extend the fun by making the activity a BIG deal!  Host a week long Welcome to summer chalk drawing contest.  Have prizes for Most Elaborate, Funniest, Best representation of our community, and more.  They sky is the limit on your choice of categories.  Invite residents to vote for (and post) their favorite masterpiece on face book, twitter or pinterest. Then give out prizes at the end of the week.

down load free printable flyer here sidewalk chalk competition

Need more ideas… here is a great list including such all time favorites as Hopscotch, capture the flag, doge ball, jump-rope and 4 square!



via Nanny Jobs » 50 Old-Fashioned Games Kids Can Play.


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