Tutorial | A Quick, Easy, and Pretty Way to Wrap a LOT of Gifts Fast.

Great for party gifts, giveaways, end of the year gifts and much more…

A quick and easy way to wrap presents_ Great for party gifts, giveaways, and more

  1.  Start by cutting wrapping paper into a rectangle
  2. Fold the two short ends over, overlap them in the middle and staple one end (do not crease paper) see picture 1
  3. insert gift into package
  4. lay package on table with line of stables pointing up into the air
  5. flatten loose end of package so that the new end is laying flat on the table and staple. The new end should be at opposite angles with the first stapled end.  See picture 2.
  6. Embellish gift with bow, stickers, ribbon or clip art.  (for a fancier look use colored staples| you can use a permanent marker to color stables before inserting them into the stapler!)
picture 1

picture 1

picture 2

picture 2


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