Once You Sea our Community You Will be Hooked |With FREE printable

Once you sea our communtiy you will be hooked |Free Printable from easywayapartments.com

I love having something to give out to prospective residents that tour our communities, typically after a full day of viewing apartments, all apartment communities start to blend together in a renters mind so anything I can do to help make our community stand out is very helpful,   that is where these goodie bags come in.  You can add  a business card or print your community information on the backside of the fishbowl and you have some take home material that prospects will LOVE to take with them!

Once You Sea our Community You Will Be Hooked includes  FREE printable

You could also add a QR code to the back side of the printout, linking to your website, a video, a slideshow or your facebook page!  For information about how to make a QR code click here

Download FREE printable here Once You Sea our Community You Will Be Hooked FREE printable


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  1. Where can you buy those cute little bags?

  2. What are those bags called? I can’t seem to find them. Thanks!

  3. What other cute residential home marketing techniques do you use? For residents or referral sources? Thx!

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