‘Decking’ Out Your Balcony on a Budget

'Decking' Out Your Balcony on a Budget | From EasyWayApartments

We have all been at that place once or twice, you want everything and you want it now!  Just incase you find yourself running into that dilemma with your new apartment, this blog series shows you how to ‘Deck’ Out Your Balcony on a Budget.

First, the ‘bones’ – space permitting you want a place to sit and eat, relax or work.  Head for your favorite second hand store and pick up a super cheap table.  I got this one for $7.00, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, what you are looking for is the size that fits your balcony.  (If you are really limited on space you might try a folding table on a hinge)

Now on to a TJmax or Ross type of a store, be on the lookout for a waterproof tablecloth in a pattern that you like. I have found that I can buy a tablecloth in a nice pattern for a lot less than comparable fabric at a fabric store. (The bigger the better on the tablecloth, you can use extra fabric for pillows or another project.)  cut the fabric about 4″ bigger than the tabletop on all sides.  Wrap the table top like a present and stable it to the underside of the table.

'Decking' Out Your Balcony on a Budget_part 1


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