Give Your Front Door a Fresh New Look This Spring With a 5 Minute Makeover

Give your front door a fresh new look this spring with a 5 minute makeover

For me nothing helps fend off the winter blues or helps cure spring fever quicker than a beautiful spring flower, so this 5 minute makeover was just what the Doctor ordered.  A wave of the magic wand and a slight detour at the grocery store was all that was needed to bring new life into my tired winter containers.  I cut back the faded brown grass that served as a winter backdrop and switched out the kale for senetti peraallis a great spring plant that will re-bloom all summer in my area (until temperature consistently reaches  85 elsewhere) and some tulips in bloom.  The tulips will only last a few weeks but make a great Easter decoration and when they are spent it will give me an excuse to refresh the look for summer.

The final touch was a few Easter decorations I took out of storage, to help keep the Easter eggs in place fill them with soil or small rocks.  Now each time I come home I remember spring is right around the corner and I have the added bonus of getting to find an Easter egg everyday!

Give your front door a fresh new look with a 5 minute spring makeover

Wishing you a Happy Spring –

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