Who to Notify When You Move

Handy links to the #Post Office and #Drivers License #change of address forms, plus more change of address tips for your upcoming move Moving involves lots of details including letting people know your new address.  Some of the notifications can be taken care quickly and easily online (why not do it now) just follow theses links.  Don’t live in Washington State-  just Google… Department of Licensing Change of Address  (insert your State) to find out where you can change your address.

United States Post Office Change of Address

The Official Change of Address Form   SECURE & PRIVATE Official Postal Service Change of Address Exclusive Mover Savings Get instant access to over $500 in valuable coupons Safe and Secure Safeguard your information with ID verification by a simple $1 charge to your credit or debit card Speed and Convenience Save a trip to the post office Email Confirmation Receive an immediate email confirmation of your Change of Address via Official Change of Address Form – US Postal Service USPS.

Washington State Department of Licensing Change of Address

You must report your new address to us within 10 days after moving. If you already have a Washington State driver license or ID card, you may change your address:

The address on your driving record will be updated at no charge.
If you want a new license or ID card with your updated address, you can order one for an additional fee and pay with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express debit or credit card.
 By mail: Complete a Driver License Change of Address form, print it on white paper, and mail it to any driver licensing office. We’ll update the address on your driving record at no charge.
You won’t receive a new license or ID card. Instead, please write your new address in the blank space on the back of your current license or ID card using permanent ink.
 In person at a driver licensing office.
 Don’t forget your vehicle registration
You may also need to change the address on your vehicle registration. Updating your address on your driver license doesn’t automatically change your address on your vehicle registration.

via WA State Licensing: Driver License Change of Address.

Other people you need to notify of your upcoming move include….

People you owe money to: Your bank, credit card companies and student loan officer will need your new address, so make sure they know. The government: The state should also be on your list – you only have a certain amount of time to change your address on your driver’s license after you move. Same with your car tag and voter registration. Your boss: Your employer will need your new address to mail out important tax documents in the beginning of the year. Your insurance companies: Your car insurance is based partly on where you live. You could save money simply by moving. Health and education providers: These include your doctors and schools for you or your children. Magazines and newspapers: If you want those delivered to your new place, you need to tell them where you live. via Who to Notify When You Move | Moving Today.

Last but not least your friends and family

There are some very cute free templates out there that make this task fun and easy. Tune in next time for a list of my favorites. Happy Packing!

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