Moving Tip of the Day #1

moving made easy tip 1 w

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Instead of taking the time to wrap each plate individually, separate them with a  Styrofoam plate.  Once you have a full stack, wrap it in paper towels or dishrags.  It saves you lots of time not only in wrapping but because you don’t have to wash each plate once you get there (like you do when you use newspaper).

Moving Tip #1 Place Styrofoam plates between each of your plates to make packing quick and easy! brought to you by

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  1. Great tip! Be sure to put together your boxes properly and securely tape the bottoms. Strong & wide packing tape is the best for this – across the entire bottom and up about 1/3 of the way on each side. For more tips & to compare moving prices, visit Unpakt lets you find reputable moving companies, compare exact prices and book online. Happy packing!

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