Moving Tips from My Mom


My Mom has moved 24 times, so she is a wealth of information!

  • Number one don’t expect that nothing will get broken.
  • If you have enough room in the moving truck and can afford it, wardrobe boxes save a lot of time.
  • Keep your shoes in pairs and secure them with a rubber bands or place each pair in a bag, “I always ended up with at least one unmatched shoe.”
  • It’s a good time to sort through sheets, towels and clothes and donate or sell the ones you haven’t used in a while.
  • Use dish towels and dish rags to wrap your kitchen items.
  • Keep items in trays, for example silverware, just wrap the whole tray.
  • Definitely don’t plan on fixing dinner or breakfast when you get there.  It’s a great time for takeout, delivery or take a break and try a neighborhood restaurant.
  • First thing when you start unpacking, make your bed and get your bath supplies ready so you can get ready in the morning.  Pack these items in separate open me first box’s.
  • Have cleaning supplies available as soon as you start unpacking so that you can clean drawers and closets before you start filling them up.
  • If you can afford it buy wire baskets or other storage containers to store your canned goods and pantry items and organize them before you move. Then you don’t have to pack each can individually and you will be fully organized quickly when you move in.
  • Do the same thing with your cleaning items, placing them in pretty storage containers before you move.  Separate items by purpose (for instance one container  to hold the things you use to clean your kitchen, one for your bath and one for general cleaning.  Have them available while you are packing and unpacking.
  • If your new home is short on space use the areas underneath the sinks in both the kitchen and the bathrrom to storage towels  keep them in baskets).  Hang pots and pans from the wall or ceiling  to free up valuable drawer space.
  • Use bubble wrap to wrap all of the things that are really important to you.  (like your head- Okay, I added that because I have this really great picture.)

    bubble wrap your favorite things

    bubble wrap your favorite things

  • Use rubber bands to wrap all the cords of your appliances and lamps.
  • That’s was all the time we had this time but I will hit her up for some more valuable moving advice next time.

Wishing you an easy move!

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