How to make moving to a new apartment simple, easy and stress free!


Establish a moving plan/timeline include all major items

Here a a great check list

  • Give notice at your current residence – usually a minimum of 20 days before the next rent is due is required, check your lease
  • Find a new place – start your search at and make finding your new place the easiest part of your move!
  • Start ‘editing’ your possessions, give away unneeded items – Why move things you really don’t need?
  • Once you have picked your new home, think about how you want your new home to flow, furniture arrangement and room usage.  

A little planning and you can make the most of your new space and truly love where you live. Use an online program or make a print out of the floor plan and play with different furniture ideas on paper it’s much easier to erase a line than to move a 200 pound sofa! The following links have more helpful information.  urban barn has an online space planner that is very simple to use free graph paper and furniture cutouts furniture template
  • Make moving arrangements (do you need to borrow or rent a truck?) and recruit help (5 people work 5X faster than 1 –if you plan ahead no one will have to work very hard and things can get done quickly and easily!)
  • Contact utilities, schools, work, change of address, drivers license etc. we have links to most of these on our website… (we did the work so you don’t have to)
  • Sign new lease (Do this ahead of time if possible so that on moving day a quick stop by the office to pick up the keys is all that is needed.)

Now it’s time to think about actual packing… 3 simple steps to make packing easy

  1. Pack a ‘Suitcase box’ for each room and each person.  Include everything you need for 2 or 3 days. That way you can take your time unpacking and still have everything you need. An example for a ‘suitcase box’ for the bathroom would be 2 towels, toilet paper, toiletries and personal items. A bedroom box would contain sheets, pillows and bedding. A child’s ‘suitcase box’ might include a favorite stuffed animal, toy, blanket, 2 changes of clothes, a jacket, and school supplies. The Kitchen box could include a place setting for each household member, a box of cereal, a pot or pan, some soup or pasta and a can opener, just enough to make a super simple meal or snack.  Continue thru each room in the same manner.  Then pack a suitcase box for each household member, packing the items that will be needed to be comfortable and productive.  (Don’t forget the keys and remote control!)  Label these boxes clearly and don’t lose track of them!  Once you get these few boxes taken care of, you can relax and take your time unpacking the rest of your belongings.
  2. Label remaining boxes with both room name, and person when appropriate. That way your moving helpers will know where to stack the boxes.
  3. The last boxes to move are cleaning supplies and the contents of the refrigerator, that way you can clean you old apartment and get as much of your deposit as possible, and move your perishable food items straight form one refrigerator to the next without getting side tracked by things happening with the move in general.
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