Circle Christmas Tree

This super simple project is made from a piece of foam board (cut to 16″ x 20″), acrylic paint, glue and lots of circles.  Using an circle paper punch (you can find one here or at your local craft store) cut numerous circles form the medium of your choice, paint glue onto the back of each circle and arrange in a Christmas tree pattern. Start from the bottom and work your way up, overlapping each piece so that the last piece you add is the top of the tree.

I made another piece using the same materials and ran across the extra circles when I was making the Glitter Christmas Tree (previous Blog) so I decided to use them to make a second tree.  In the previous piece I also used some circles cut out of, magazines and newspapers, old Christmas cards would be nice too.

You can get a different looked depending on the medium you use.  My daughter thought of adding pictures of friends and family… that could be a wonderful personal touch.  Maybe include Christmas card pictures of your children through the years?  The possibilities are endless.

A circle die cut punch make this project much easier, but be careful not to cut too many pieces at a time, I went though two hole punches that way 😦

Happy Holidays!

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