DIY Light Up Glitter Christmas Tree Painting

I made this tree using foam board and two sets of battery operated lights from the dollar store, but if I had it to do again I would pay the extra few dollars and buy either a canvas or have some plywood cut to size.  (I didn’t realize that the poster board would curl so much when it was painted – or that I would be so pleased with the finished product!)  The project is pretty simple so I will just show you the pictures.  Scroll to the bottom for a FREE PRINTABLE pattern. (I copied the pattern to publisher and set the page size to 16″ x 20″ it’s a common frame size, then printed out a tiled copy to trace.)

Paint background

paint foreground

add trim

add sparkles

Touch up tree trim

cut holes for lights

secure lights to painting

My Grandmother and her sister used to make a Christmas tree (and stars) using felt covered plywood that they would glue old jewelry to.  I’m including a picture of some of their creations.  They are incredibly beautiful and my inspiration for this project.

glitter tree pattern      glitter tree outline with lights

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