Host a Charitable Event at Your Community

3 Charitable Events to Host at your Community, it’s a great way to Spread Christmas Cheer!

  1. Host a Toys for Tots event
  2. Adopt a family (or 2 or more) for Christmas
  3. Host a food drive

Giving in a productive way to those in need not only helps those who receive it also helps those who give.  What better starting point for a great community activity this holiday season than giving.  We have lined up three great possibilities  and gathered some How -To information for each.

Toys for Tots

Host a Toys for Tots event at your apartment community and collect toys for Toys for Tots

[more information] Marine Toys For Tots Foundation.

Adopt a family (or 2 or 3) for Christmas

The Salvation Army Hosts  a program called Adopt-A-Family…

The Adopt-A-Family (AAF) program matches impoverished families with individual or group sponsors to provide for their tangible needs at Christmas. Without the benefit of an adoption, these families would be looking forward to a very grim holiday. Being adopted is designed to be a once or, on very rare occasions, twice in a lifetime event for recipient families.

When an Adopt-A-Family match is made, the family information and wish lists are sent to the sponsor. The Salvation Army ensures that the family receives the gifts and food during the week before Christmas.

[more]  Adopt-A-Family.

 Host a Food Drive

Google “How to organize a food drive in [your city, state]and you will likely find more than one organization ready to accept your help, many of them have lots of helpful hints on hosting a successful food drive and even offer posters and flyers for you to use to promote your event.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale

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