Build Community Spirit and Scarecrows

Follow this town’s example, and build community spirit and scarecrows at the same time!

There is a small town called St. Helens roughly 30 minutes north of Portland and 3 hours south of Seattle that has a wonderful way of celebrating Halloween and building a lot of excitement and community spirit along the way.  Each October many of the downtown businesses build a scarecrow.  Now one scarecrow can be pretty cute put a whole town of scarecrows is down right remarkable.  I saw it for the first time last year and honestly I have been looking forward to this years display all year, last year I didn’t have a camera put this year I came prepared.  Its really and awesome idea, each is unique and often represents the business that made it.  Can you tell which scarecrow is from the hair design studio, the  auto parts store, the drive in, the insurance agent?  Last year in front of the Fire Station one scarecrow was climbing a latter saving another scarecrow.

This would be a great idea for an Apartment community to borrow. Either as a team building exercise; all team members could make a scarecrow to represent themselves and residents would decide who wins maintenance or management.  Or as a community activity; residents could each make one or make one per building. You could offer a prize: funniest, most creative, most representative and best all around.

An added bonus would be marketing potential (maybe even free publicity)  you could place some scarecrows along the street holding signs advertising ‘apartments for rent’, ‘welcome home’, or ‘pets welcome’, you get the idea.  Make sure and take lots of pictures to post on your facebook page and use in advertisements.

Who wouldn’t want to rent from a scarecrow?  It could work into a fun tradition that residents look forward to all year long!

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