Spooky Halloween Decorations That Are Super Easy To Make (part 2)

Spook-tacular Halloween decorations  complete with instructions and a free printable of the book covers  so that you can quickly and easily make your own.

Finally, a good use for that old telephone book!   I saw this idea while I was out shopping the other day, trying desperately to get excited about the change of seasons (I think I am officially excited now!) I thought to myself, ” how cute and pretty easy too.. I’m going to do that.”  So here it is, complete with instructions of how to make your own and a free printable. Here is what I did.

First I rounded up some old books in varying sizes in varying sizes. Yeah, new use for old phone books!new use for old phone books

Next, I ‘painted’ the outside edges of the book with a glue/water mixture.  I used about 1 part glue to 1 part water. This helps the book look well used and leaves a more’ finished’ edge to paint.  I went a little too crazy on the largest book, which made it a bit too thick but it does look well used.

Now for the black paint,   I tried just using black spray paint but some of the books absorbed the color, so I primed the service with acrylic paint first.  I  applied a couple of coats of black acrylic, the kind that you buy at the craft stores for a couple of dollars. (I used Anita’s All Purpose Acrylic Craft) then when it was dry I topped it with a thin coat of black spray paint to give it a little more protection and a bit of sheen.

I played with some different names for the books and designed a few book spines and one book cover, you can download them here Halloween book labels.

Cut the covers and spines to the desired size and shape (scale the picture up or down if needed) then using carbon paper and a sharp pencil, transfer the design to each book.  I pressed very hard so that even if I could not see the carbon against the black paint I would still see the indentation.

If you don’t have carbon paper you could try rubbing a pencil on the back side of the paper.

For the last step I traced over the lines with a white permanent marker, I went over the words two or three time to reach the desired shade of white. I tried other options but the control I had with the marker made a better finished product.

That’s it- All done, How easy was that?  I added the stack of books to the Spooky scene I’ve been working on (see blog for Halloween Potions)  Check back later, I have a few more spook-tacular ideas that I’m working on that might be just what you are looking for to decorate your apartment for Halloween!

Spook - tacular Halloween Decorations

Spook – tacular Halloween Decorations

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