Bicycle Racks for Apartment Communities

'wave' style bicycle rack

Which style of bike rack is best for your apartment community? This is a ‘Wave’ style bike rack

Children continue to love to ride bikes and more and more adults are joining them and using bicycles as a preferred or alternate method of commuting to and from work and around town.  Since both adult and children live in apartment communities I find myself needing to purchase some bike racks.  I am not an avid bicycle enthusiast (although I wish I were) so I needed to do a lot of research to educate myself in the many options of bicycle storage.   I thought I would share the results with you, in case you too find yourself in need of bicycle racks for your apartment community.  After all, bikes are becoming more and more a part of our community lifestyle.  Just look at how fast bike lanes are being added to cities across the country!

There is an enormous variety available in both pricing and style.  To keep things simple, I limited the majority of my research to a few of the more popular styles and added in just a few options that I thought were too cool to ignore.  Here goes…

  • ‘Wave’ style- these are curved or looped design (they look like a potato masher) and are generally identified by the number of loops and or number of bikes it will hold.  Each downward or upward curve counts as one loop and they each loop is counted as a space for a bike as well as one bike on each end, so a single loop design is labeled as 3 bikes/1 loop and a ‘m’ shape is labeled as 3 loops/5 bikes.
  • Traditional Grid Style – these are probably what you remember seeing on playground when you were growing up.
  • ‘U’ shape- an elongated single version of the wave style
  • Low Profile- It looks like these are more for bike organization and not really an effective way to secure the bike with a chain etc. but could be effective in a secured area such as a garage
  • Bike valet – similar to traditional grid style but not as secure also probably most effective in a secured area such as a garage

'U' Shape bike rack

‘U’ Shape bike rack

A bit of back ground information, racks generally falls into one of three main categories with the pipe being made of 1-5/8″ , 1-7/8″ or 2-3/8″ OD (outside diameter) tubing with a thickness of 7 to 12 gauge steel galvanized or powder coated, for gauge sizes the higher the number the thinner the material for example 11 gauge is approximately 0.120mm and 12 gauge is approximately 0.109mm.  This is a link to a website that has a relatively simple pipe conversion table that has more in depth information about pipe sizes and thickness.

Securing bicycle rack fall into two main categories  in ground and surface mounting.  Belson has a great article covering how to mount bike racks as well as other key information here.  Pricing varies from site to site with some offering the same price for either types of mounting and some charging slightly more for surface mount.  My pricing reflects the lower price.  This chart summarizes  my research and although it does not cover all the suppliers or styles available, hopefully it will help give you an overview and provide good starting point for you to find the perfect bike rack for your community.

This is a link to a full size version of  the bike rack prices.

This large circular bike rack offer by Belson looks like a piece of art.

websites I shopped-



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