10 Terrific Resident Activities (OK, make it 11)

I think that it is safe to say that as Apartment Managers we all have the same goal, to manage an apartment community where the residents feel like they are truly a part of the community, take pride in where they live and get to know their neighbors.  It has many benefits’, the community will tend to attract and retain better residents, the residents enjoy an improved lifestyle and your job gets a little bit easier because you and your residents are all working towards the same goal.  Making your community great!

Since a big step toward achieving that goal involves providing great opportunities for your residents to get to know each other we put together this list of  terrific resident activities…

  1. Host a community BBQ or Pot Luck
  2. Host a Game Night or Out Door Game Party (Twister, Checkers, Bocce ball or Ultimate Frisbee)
  3. Sunday Football Party (Watch the game with friends on the big screen)
  4. Movie Night (Indoors or out weather permitting- I’ve even seen swim in movies, how fun!)
  5. Spaghetti Night (An awesome, inexpensive and easy meal)
  6. Start a Book Club
  7. Host a Craft Party (Change the theme with the season, make holiday decorations, cards, wrap Christmas presents, etc.)
  8. Have an Ice Cream Social
  9. Offer Yoga, Zoomba or Dance Classes
  10. Sponsor a Food Drive
  11. Hire a band (who doesn’t love live music?)

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure you will come up with many more fun and exciting to make your community stand out from the crowd.

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