Give New Life to an Old Dresser

Reuse, Re Purpose, Recycle and yes Up-cycle too!  I love it, in all of its forms.  It feels kind of good to make even a small step towards lessening the foot print that you leave behind you, especially when you end up with something as cute as one of these re purposed dressers!

Follow the links for more information about how these amazing transformations took place and for information about how you can do it yourself.  Storage is always at a premium in an apartment so a project that provides space to organize, is functional and backs some decorating punch is always welcome, and helps make your apartment feel like HOME.

 Upcycle your old dresser into a kitchen island

Island Dresser

file cabinet

via 4 ways to Upcycle your old dresser into a kitchen island | FoodOddity.

Amazing Dresser-Turned-TV-Stand Makeover!

Dresser Turned into TV Stand

via Amazing Dresser-Turned-TV-Stand Makeover! | How Does She….

Upcycled Baseball Themed Dresser

Red Sox Dresser

via Upcycled Baseball Themed Dresser – DIY Inspired.

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