How to Take Awesome Pictures of Your Model Apartments

Rent more apartments with awesome photosHaving great pictures of your apartments has become an essential tool for apartment professionals. 

We need them to make our craigslist postings stand out, upload to apartment rental websites, create effective brochures and promotional materials, in short we need great pictures to rent apartments!

The good news is that there are lots of great tools, applications and tricks that make creating awesome photographs easier than ever.

On top of nearly every list for taking great photos is usually lighting,  When possible schedule time to take pictures on a sunny day (midday is best for interior pictures)  and then supplement the natural lighting with all the artificial light that you have available.  Turn on overhead lights, open windows and doors and use floor or table lamps if they are available.

Tidy things up and try different room arrangements.  Don’t be afraid to move things around, maybe moving the palm tree to the bathroom will create a true spa like environment. The chair from the living room might double as a cozy reading area in the bedroom.  Try a few arrangements and take lots of digital pictures, they don’t cost anything to develop and you never know what will look awesome.

If possible schedule time on two consecutive days to take pictures for your model apartment.  That way after day 1 you can download and view your pictures on your computer and if you find there are adjustments that need to be made, or really like a particular set of photos, you can easily make the change and capture the perfect shot the next day.

If you don’t have a model apartment bring some goodies from home, it’s amazing what a difference a stack of colorful towels, some flowers and a few pretty details can make.  Bath salts, soap, candles and a loofah create a spa inspired bathroom.  A cute cookie jar, a flower arrangement, fun kitchen towels and a tea pot make an otherwise empty kitchen seem inviting.

Need more tips for taking great interior photos check out these ideas from apartment therapy

and these 6 tips to take great photos of your rooms and interior designs — Retro Renovation.


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