How to Lease More Apartments By Taking Great Exterior Photos

We all know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it definitely holds true when you take awesome photographs of your apartment community to showcase it to its best advantage.  Here is How-

via Photographing Buildings.

It starts with the best light, according to experts the best time to take exterior photographs of buildings is early in the morning or in the evening.  And the right light makes all the difference.

Ken Rockwell says the best photographs are taken 10 to 20 minutes after sunset during what he call the Magic Hour, when the sun has set and the sky gets a deep blue to match the lighting of the exterior.  Shooting during the magic minute is how you get brilliant, contrasting colors in the sky, building, and everything! [Read more]

Another great tip is to frame your photo.

Framing Your Shots – Photography Composition Technique.

According to Darren Rowse,  Frames for photographs come in all shapes and sizes and can include shooting through overhanging branches, shooting through windows, using tunnels, arches or doorways – you can even use people (for example shooting over shoulders or between heads) etc.  Your frame doesn’t need to go completely around the edges of your image – they might just be on one or two edges of your shot.[Read more]  

Take a wide variety of pictures, not just the  sign at the community entrance.   1 or 2 photos of your communities sign and entrance planting is probably a good idea, prospective residents can easily recognize your community when they arrive, but don’t stop there!  You have a whole community not just an entrance.  Take pictures of actual buildings, gardens, welcoming spots to sit.  Mix in some close ups and some panoramic views.  How about highlighting a bicycle rack, trail, or exercise equipment (it sells an active lifestyle) or maybe your neighborhood coffee shop (urban lifestyle) close up of a plants, or residents enjoying your community (with their permission of course!)

If you’re looking for more tips for taking the best possible exterior pictures including, lighting, Framing, getting the perspective right and taking pictures at night click here.

Don’t forget to have fun and take fun pictures.  Try to capture something a little different than everyone else and make your community stand out from the crowd.  What about a boy and his dog jumping in a puddle in from of the bus stop with your community in the background?  With one click of the camera you just told viewers that your community is pet friendly, child friendly,  is on the bus line, what  the color and style of your building are, the type of street you are located on,  and that you like fun things .  The person looking at the picture just might think, WOW- that looks like a fun place to live!

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